The Bawdy Beautiful

Every Thursday in November (except Thanksgiving) and a couple of Thursdays in December from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m., Bacchanal Ballroom will offer a steamy, slightly provocative, after work social blender that kicks out the predictable. The Kridel Grand Ballroom will be transformed into a high energy dance club inspired by a world-class museum exhibition.

The evenings will be punctuated by a choreographed piece that celebrates the physical body in conjunction with The Body Beautiful exhibition. The brief floorshow will be comprised of extreme examples of the male and female physique performing synchronized routines choreographed by Jessica Wallenfels. These dancers—The Bawdy Beautiful Review—will also perform as live percussionists from time to time throughout the evening over the top of bass heavy DJ tracks. They will appear around the room dancing and posing as statues, inspired by those ancient Greeks.

Bacchanal Ballroom is a combination of uninhibited live performance art and raucous social experiment for every twist in town.

It’s Greek. It’s freak. It’s cheek to cheek.

It’s Happy Hour with an edge.


21 and over only. $7 members; $10 non-members. Tickets available online or on site.

Show your Thursday night paid admission ticket to the Body Beautiful exhibition and receive FREE admission to Bacchanal Ballroom!

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This exhibition has been made possible
through the collaboration of the British Museum and Portland Art Museum.
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